The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), is a non-profit trade alliance that promotes the open standards that broadcast and media companies use to move from legacy SDI systems to a virtualized, IP-based future—quickly and profitably.

At AES New York 2018, AIMS and AES are co-sponsoring an AoIP Pavilion that will feature an AIMS demonstration area and a Pavilion Theater. See the full schedule of theater presentations by clicking Read More below.
When IBC2018 opens next week, its IP Showcase will feature 36 IP installations from all over the world: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia. Of these installations, 25% will be either production trucks or centralized facilities for at-home production. Clearly, more and more sports-production companies are deploying IP trucks and facilities, and the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) sees the impact of IP on sports production as stronger than on other live studio applications.
From theory to implementation, this second year of the IP Showcase and Theater at IBC2018 is should be on everyone’s schedule. With the whole media industry transitioning to an IP infrastructure, a major destination for attendees to IBC2018 will be five days of the IP Showcase and the IP Showcase Theater hosted for the second year by the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) and fellow industry organizations.

AIMS White Paper

Essential Considerations for Live Content Production and Broadcast

AIMS White Paper

AES 67 / SMPTE ST 2110 Commonalities and Constraints




AIMS brings broadcasters, technology vendors and industry standards organizations together to eliminate fragmentation and maximize hardware and software interoperability through a comprehensive, ubiquitous set of IP broadcast standards. Validated and tested by broadcast and equipment suppliers, AIMS’ guidance delivers a practical upgrade path from SDI to IP, as well as to future technologies such as cloud-based production and distribution.


AIMS is dedicated to IP-based solutions that give broadcasters the flexibility to explore new business models, maintain best-of-breed networks and add new capabilities without proprietary lock-in or having to rebuild workflows. Our approach gives broadcasters the optimal set of benefits for their use cases, enabling virtualized, media-aware infrastructure and applications while using top-tier production and distribution software.


Be a part of AIMS and help direct the future of the broadcast and media industry. Our roadmap is built on input from the industry’s top engineers, technologists and visionaries, all committed to moving the industry to an IP-based future as quickly and profitably as possible. We want your input and expertise to continue to drive open standards in our industry, as well as create guidance for future technological innovations.